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Your Choice Checking

To see what a customized Your Choice Checking account looks like for you, click on the boxes below to select your features and discounts.

Once you open a Your Choice Checking account, you can change or add features at any time. And it's just as easy to do as selecting your options below.

If you already have a Your Choice Checking account, use this tool to see how changes to your features or discounts would affect your monthly fee.


Basic Monthly Fee: $3 (required)

Includes: Check Card, Bank OnLine, Mobile Banking, online statements, free transactions at American Bank ATMs and interest on days balance is $15,000 or more. Reduce this monthly fee with discounts for certain kinds of Check Card and Bill Pay activities as detailed below.

Unlimited Check Writing: $2 per month

If this feature is not selected, check writing is still available at $.50 per written check.

How many checks do you write per month?

By selecting Unlimited Check Writing, you could save $0
(number of checks written) X (charge per item) - (monthly fee)

Unlimited Bill Pay: $2 per month

If this feature is not selected, Bill Pay is still available at $.50 per payment

How many bills do you (or would you) pay through
Bill Pay?

By selecting Bill Pay, you could save $0
(number of Bill Pays payments made) X (charge per item) - (monthly fee)

Paper Statement with Images: $1.75 per statement

If you do not select this feature and wish to receive the free online statement, you must register through Bank OnLine. Otherwise, the $1.75 fee will apply.

Monthly fee before any expected discounts:



You can earn discounts based on certain kinds of activity when using a Check Card or making online bill payments through Bill Pay. Discounts are automatically applied to your fee each month your activity meets the requirements stated.

Check the discount option(s) below that you expect to qualify for each month.

Check Card:

Receive a $1 discount on your monthly fee by using your Check Card for at least 20 purchases during each statement period.

Bill Pay:

With the Unlimited Bill Pay feature, make at least 5 Bill Pay payments during a statement period and receive a $2 discount, making Bill Pay free.

If this option is unavailable, you have not selected Unlimited Bill Pay: $2 per month under the Features section above.

Estimated Monthly Fee (with expected discounts)*:

* The estimated monthly fee includes the basic monthly fee of $3, fees for your selections under the Features section above and any expected savings indicated in the Discounts section above. The monthly fee may vary if you do not meet the activity levels or other requirements for those discounts.

To open your own customized Your Choice Checking account online, click here or see a Personal Banker at any American Bank branch.

To make changes to an existing Your Choice Checking account, click here.